Asset Management Services

Acumen expertly combines the application of technical knowledge and understanding with the development and use of latest technologies to offer a comprehensive suite of in-house services, supporting assets through their life cycle.

Aircraft Sourcing, Trading & Re-marketing

Acumen’s technical pedigree has been gained through many years direct exposure, managing multiples of aircraft on behalf of some of the world’s largest lessors, financial institutions and lease managers. Acumen has an intrinsic knowledge and fundamental understanding of the asset class. This provides clients with an assurance that opportunities will be sought, and that Acumen will actively measure, manage and mitigate associated risk and proactively support the client in fulfilling its mandate.

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Aircraft Valuation

Acumen’s team of ISTAT / ASA appraisers is on hand to provide you with a range of asset valuation types. The approach adopted will match client requirements and will include technical and industry influencers.

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Technical Asset Management

Acumen understands the importance of a smooth transition between leases and that this is a pre-requisite to building a healthy lasting relationship with your client. Acumen has perfected a suite of inspection services to help safeguard assets throughout the investment cycle, through clear and accurate monitoring and assessment techniques.

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Engine Management

Acumen appreciates the need to keep a watchful eye on your engines throughout their life. Acumen offers a comprehensive suite of powerplant management and advisory services designed to support the specific needs of lessors, investors and financiers. These services cater for the vast array of engine types and marques, spanning the world’s commercial fleet. Rich technical engineering knowledge has been successfully combined with latest technologies to offer a robust approach to management, forecasting and financial planning.

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Aircraft Records and Documentation

Your records hold the value of your asset and Acumen has developed multiple support services to assist clients in managing the high volume of data generated through an asset’s life. To carry this out effectively requires a blend of artificial and human intelligence. Acumen has the necessary winning combination of knowledge and latest, most advanced technologies to help you stay on track.

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Continued Air Worthiness Management

Your assets’ airworthiness is important and Acumen is poised and ready, as a certified CAMO provider, to assist you in your need for specific CAMO / Shadow CAMO support services.

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