Aircraft Management Services

Business Jet Asset Management - Overview

A one-stop-shop for aircraft management, charter and sales

Our Business Jet Asset Management Services business focuses on three main integrated services – aircraft management, charter and sales. The aircraft management service on behalf of aircraft owners is at the core of our business. We offer charter and sales services to our management clients in order to provide them with a comprehensive suite of services through the ownership life-cycle for any aircraft. In addition, we support owners with aircraft financing and fleet insurance requirements.

Aircraft owners do not want to be worried about the complexities related with operating and managing an aircraft. They just need their aircraft to be ready and available whenever they want to fly. We take care of all these requirements as the professional managers of the aircraft.

Our business jet asset management services are provided through Empire Aviation Group which was established in 2007 in Dubai and is a part of the Air Works group since 2012. We have more than 100 staff and operate one of the region’s largest managed fleets of business jets, with more than 25 aircraft under management. Today, we focus on a distinctive asset management approach to private aviation and have assembled a highly capable team of aviation specialists, led by an experienced management team.