Safety Audits

ARGUS Safety Audits ("PROS") is a leading audit organization for aircraft operators around the world, and is the only audit firm engaged in air carrier, business aircraft, rotary wing, charter broker, and ground operations to have developed its own audit standard for aircraft operators, and also holds authorizations from four world-recognized standards organizations.

PROS provides audits to charter operators, corporate flight departments, commercial airlines, helicopter and utility resource operators and charter brokers. Each audit is tailored to reflect the specific needs of a corporate, charter, fractional or airline operation, and is authorized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF), Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) and Helicopter Association International (HAI) to perform audits utilizing their respective standards.

Of the estimated 1,100 airlines worldwide, only about 400 have achieved the highest safety rating through a stringent, 25 man-day on-site IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA). ARGUS is one of only 7 audit organizations in the world that is approved to conduct these audits. The IOSA air carrier safety standard is considered to be the most stringent in the commercial aviation world.

Charter Ratings

ARGUS' Charter Ratings program ("CHEQ") provides due diligence and confidence for charter operators, buyers, and passengers around the world, and is the only rating system in the on-demand aircraft industry to use a proprietary algorithm to score the operator after extracting, filtering, and computing data from a database of over 500 charter operators, 5,000 aircraft and nearly 20,000 pilots. 

CHEQ is the most recognized symbol of quality in the aircraft charter community. Almost all online charter marketplace web sites that allow passengers to search for charter flights, also specifically allow them to filter searches to only those which are ARGUS certified.

ARGUS’ CHEQ system ultimately can deliver to the charter customer a TripCHEQ. This report analyses ARGUS, or customer specific, requirements against a specific charter operator, aircraft and flight crew assigned to a particular trip, and delivers an instantaneous “green”, “yellow” or “red” result indicating if, or the degree to, those requirements have been met. 

Safety Management Solutions

ARGUS' Safety Management Solutions program ("PRISM") assists the aircraft operating and ancillary community in meeting with the increasing challenges of regulations impacting their operations. Although there are numerous companies offering Safety Management System (SMS) related services, PRISM provides SMS as a comprehensive solution to the marketplace that includes:

  • SMS Training and Education
  • SMS Planning, Implementation and Facilitation support
  • SMS and related manuals that are a required element
  • SMS Software - ARMOR - (Aviation Risk Management On-line Resource)
  • SMS evaluations, consulting and improvement coaching
  • SMS Expert level support, delivered through one of 6 full-time PRISM SMS professionals

Under a formalized SMS, operators identify potential hazards and ensure that a process is put in place to effectively manage them. PRISM’s unique internet-based solutions, coupled with dedicated in-house safety experts address the challenges of setting up a functional and effective SMS.

PRISM ARMOR, which is iPad® accessible, provides operators the ability to manage their Safety Management System software from anywhere with an Internet connection and streamlines the report submission process. 

ARGUS/PRISM have formed several key industry relationships that have been instrumental in the growth of this product line, including:

USAIG - the largest insurance underwriter to the business aviation marketplace around the globe. USAIG allows its turbine clients access to PRISM through their highly regarded safety program known as Performance Vector.

FlightSafety - the largest pilot training organization for business jet crewmembers in the world. FlightSafety offers PRISM through a program called Extended Advantage whereby they provide certain industry leading products to their customers in important niches not offered by FlightSafety.

AVMOSYS Flight Scheduling

Our flight scheduling software ("AVMOSYS") is the industry’s first and only enterprise wide management tool for private and commercial aircraft operators as well as charter brokers. This cloud hosted solution enables aircraft operators and their ecosystem partners to manage their businesses and flight operations through a single, common software platform.

AVMOSYS is offered on a web based platform, and can be integrated with aircraft maintenance software, online charter aggregators, trip support providers and numerous trip service providers, ensuring maximum participants on its platform. 

Traditional flight scheduling focuses on only two aspects – generation and storage of data and “task-lists”, with almost no analysis of the generated information. AVMOSYS, on the other hand, provides a highly customizable user interface with deep set of integrations to third party service providers in which flow of information happens seamlessly without the need of constant manual back and forth communications via email, telephone or otherwise. Additionally, our robust financial engine tracks real-time costs and revenues compared to budgets, providing users with accurate and relevant information to manage cost or profitability.

Market Research and Intelligence

ARGUS Market Research and Intelligence is the Big Data and analytical arm of its parent. It provides market research and general consulting solutions like TRAQPak, CompAir, AOC Reports, and other specialized reports.

TRAQPak is used by MROs, OEMs, aviation service providers, fuel providers, fractional operators, charter operators, management companies, and FBOs to analyse the current and historical trends of aircraft activity resulting in more efficient planning decisions. TRAQPak data is currently provided exclusively by the U.S. Air Traffic Control system, but ARGUS has recently received approval from EuroControl to obtain a similar data set for EU airspace, opening up a market expansion of this product line to hundreds of new subscribers throughout the European marketplace.

CompAir is powerful software for evaluating new aircraft or for re-evaluating your current aircraft. CompAir delivers real world operating costs and aircraft performance data which comes directly from operators actually flying those particular aircraft plus many additional features. This real world information gives a much more accurate picture to prospective buyers.

The ARGUS Aircraft Operating Cost (AOC) Report provides all the relevant information when making decisions to purchase, lease, or sell an aircraft and to confirm budget numbers. An AOC report contains data about variable costs, fixed costs, periodic costs, training costs, facility costs, and other data on more than 170 popular aircraft.

ARGUS provides specialized Market Research for aircraft manufacturers, suppliers, and aviation service providers by utilizing advanced online survey technology and experienced personnel. ARGUS also makes use of the most comprehensive databases of aviation information to provide consulting and advisory services to industry decision-makers. Among these services are travel assessment, aircraft budget review, aircraft sale and acquisition assistance, third party financial review, and overall aviation risk assessment.