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Our access to global trends and a worldwide knowledge repository on avionics, through our relationship with Scandinavian Avionics, gives us an unparalleled and unbiased perspective about market developments in the area of avionics.

The above, together with our domain experience, expertise and market intelligence, places us in a unique position to consult and advise our customers in choosing the most advanced, future-proof, suitable and cost-effective solution.

We offer Consulting services in the following areas:

Aircraft Operator Consulting

As an aircraft operator, it can be challenging to always stay updated with the latest regulatory, airworthiness and/or operational requirements from a global perspective. We understand this and therefore, work with such mandates every day, assisting customers to secure an overview of their current fleet/ aircraft status and report and recommend a solution that will secure the operation of the aircraft now and in the years to come.

Aircraft OEM Consulting

As a link in the chain between an aircraft OEM and an avionics OEMs, SA Air Works and Scandinavian Avionics offers consulting services comprising guidance about avionics-related issues, such as:

  • Certification
  • Operational considerations
  • Maintaining and future proofing the avionics systems in the aircraft

The above is an efficient and cost-effective solution for aircraft OEMs, who require avionics support by experienced and knowledgeable specialists, round the clock.

Defense and Government Consulting

Our local presence and our global network via Scandinavian Avionics, gives us a deep understanding of the requirements of both Government and the Defense services, at a country as well as regional level (including Europe, Asia, Middle East etc.), regarding avionics.

As a group, SA Air Works offers a comprehensive range of consulting services to support avionics and electronics manufacturer’s response to international tenders for a variety of defense and government projects, including:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Operational Requirements
  • Project Management
  • Bid Preparation
  • Industrial Co-operation
  • System Procurement
  • Field Trials
  • Project Marketing

In addition, we also have specialized personnel to support various customer profiles including the Government, Air Force, Army, Navy, Police, Border Security Forces etc.)

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