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Stores Inspector

Roles and Responsibilities

• Inspect all incoming parts, hardware, and consumables and issue Stores Acceptance/ Quarantine Tags in accordance with the MOE.
• Transfer parts that have successfully passed inspection to Bonded Stores and raise queries for quarantined parts/ goods with the Quality Manager.
• Ensure that all items under storage are from approved sources, are packed properly, and have the requisite documentation to proves their airworthiness.
• Ensure proper storage of all items in the Bonded store, monitoring shelf life and storage conditions for aeronautical goods.
• Practice stock rotation (first in-first out) for all items having storage or shelf-life limits.
• Monitor shelf life of items in storage (where applicable) and remove them from the store on the expiry of shelf-life.
• Maintain records & control (traceability) of ‘release and shipping documents’ for items received in Bonded store.
• Should have comprehensive knowledge of Dangerous Goods (DG) and about Electrostatic Discharge (ESDS).
• Understand the importance and impact of Occurrence reporting, incorrect data, and, of existing/ potential defects, together with safety risks, linked to the working environment.


• Candidate must have a Diploma/ Graduate degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering/ Aeronautical engineering.
• At least 2-3 years’ experience in Supply Chain operations (scope: technical inventory, repair, and maintenance organizations etc.)
• Prior airline and/or MRO-related experience preferred.
• Able to leverage systems and process to accelerate maintenance and ensure compliance with maintenance procedures and quality systems.

Skills Required

• Strong technical background and deep understanding of a CAR-145 organization.
• Sufficient knowledge and understanding of Business Aviation (General aviation).
• Commitment, result-orientation, and attention to detail.
• Should be a Team player with great interpersonal and communication skills

Air Works Offers You

• An opportunity to join India’s biggest Engineering/ Maintenance service and solutions provider to aviation, aerospace, and defense brands.
• A progressive work culture that rewards meritocracy and hard work.
• Fast-paced, dynamic growth environment with opportunities to contribute, innovate and upskill.
• Experienced and cohesive cross-sector teams for exchange of ideas and lifelong relationships.

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