Integrated Maintenance

Reduce your Opex with our Tip-to-Tail Support

Today, customer focus is key to every business. For aircraft operators – private or commercial - even so as competition increases, and customer needs become more latent. An increasing intuitiveness towards customers helps, but only if one is able step away from the day-to-day maintenance hassles and related expenses.

Consequently, Air Works has carefully designed an integrated maintenance or turnkey maintenance service for operators and asset owners, offering them complete freedom from the herculean maintenance related issues. The current program, which comprises leading Indian corporates, airlines, institutions, Charter companies and individuals offers comprehensive end-to-end, fleet or sub-fleet maintenance, in exchange for a fee.

In the current circumstances, such arrangements can deliver much needed efficiencies and complete peace of mind while ensuring expected levels of consistency. The tip-to-tail maintenance service frees up your resources and time allowing you to manage your core business including, the expectations of your customer!

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  • Bespoke Engg. and maintenance solutions
  • Transit/ pre-flight checks, daily and weekly inspections
  • Out-of-phase tasks, non-routine and snag rectifications
  • AD / SB / AOT compliance
  • Complete refurbishment, cabin reconfiguration services
  • A to C-checks and Heavy maintenance
  • Cabin IFE Modifications
  • Avionics upgrades through STCs
  • Logistics, spares and rotables support including inventory warehousing
  • Support for Securing Import and Export clearances
  • Undertaking Quality checks on inventory
  • 24/7 maintenance support
  • Aircraft inspection and documentation management before delivery
  • Support for acquiring Airline Operating Permit (AOP)
  • Mandatory basic and type trainings
  • Assistance in obtaining Certificate of Airworthiness from local authorities
  • Transforming aircraft livery and painting
  • CAMO services
  • CAMO and MCC services


  • Integrated Maintenance Locations

    25 Cities

Customer Advantages

  • Core Business focus with revenue maximization
  • Customized service offering
  • Realize efficiencies in maintenance expenses
  • Significant reduction in manpower costs
  • Fleet readiness with assured maintenance
  • Desired dispatch reliability, with 24/7 support
  • Retain control of your operations with pre-defined SLAs
  • Uncompromised Safety, Quality and Reliability standards
  • Seamless logistics, dedicated warehousing solutions

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