Air Works Group

Established in 1951, Air Works Group is India’s largest, privately-owned, integrated provider of aviation services to scheduled airlines, organizations and individuals owning or operating aircraft as well as the nation’s defense services and leading institutions.

The Air Works Group enjoys an impeccable reputation in the aviation industry for proven capabilities, outstanding workmanship, quality, and an exceptional safety orientation. The Group takes immense pride in its 70 Year aviation legacy and a highly responsive, customer-centric culture, that accords them paramount importance and has thereby allowed it to successfully deliver numerous India-first and industry-first projects from its locations in India, France, Dubai, Ireland, and China.

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Driven by values of Passion, Perseverance and Professionalism, the Air Works Group aspires to be a business that continuously creates Value for its customers, partners, employees, investors and the larger MRO industry ecosystem by creating, adopting, investing (in processes/ systems/ technology/ ways of working) or acquiring, offerings (products/ services/solutions) to realize or enhance gains in safety, productivity, efficiency, Quality of service, and, enterprise profitability, while ensuring, an enriched quality of life in terms of health and safety for stakeholders, using means that promote fairness, integrity, sustainability and are in compliance with prevailing laws, regulations and standards.